About cattery


Welcome to the homepage of cattery Olimpian * RU!


Since 2006 our cattery has been officially registered in the FIFe (No. 769) and then we started breeding Maine Coon cats. Since 2012 Olimpian cattery is also registered in the TICA (No. 23753).


We work mainly with American lines ... The founders of our breeding program were brought from the best catteries in the USA, Japan, and European countries. All our breeding cats are tested for the main genetic diseases - HCM, PKdef and SMA. For several years there are no carriers of these diseases in Olimpian*RU.


Our breeding cats are surrounded by attention and care, have good diet food, get vaccinated on time and walk a lot in the fresh air. We take care of the health of our cats, and therefore our cattery is closed to visits by strangers same as our cats are closed for outside stud service. Our kittens are brought up in constant contact with us, have a stable psyche, are perfectly socialized and educated.


Our goal is healthy, strong cats that meet the breed standards and have excellent temperament.

We can be proud of our offspring and their amazing results at cat shows around the world ... among them:


WORLD WINNER 2012 Don Martin Olimpian * RU, Junior Winner’12

WORLD WINNER 2016 SC Rapunzel Olimpian * RU, DVM

We test all our cats in the Fractal Bio veterinary laboratory.