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Born: 02.04.2014

Colour: fs 09 25,
black silver tortie ticked tabby white

Sir: TGC TICA JP*Williamina Takeshi
Dame: Donna Summer olimpian*RU


Both parents: HCM/PKD screening normal!

HCM DNA test: N/N

HCM echo: normal (2015)

PKD echo: normal (2015)

PKDef test: N/N

SMA test: N/N





Inbreeding - 0 %

Complete inbreeding - 14.9 %

Video   Pedigree

Etna is a wonderful girl, bright, colorful, very unusual ... She has really rare quality of coat and colour, I never saw more light and clear silver ...

Mother of Etna, Donna Summer Olimpian*RU, is a sister of the World Winner FIFE 2012 in Croatia. Etna's grandfather is a huge shaggy Tropikoons Big Moose. Etna has big ears, beautiful head, wild look, high legs, long body, super size and magnificent silver ticked tabby. Etna has great temper, so easy girl in any situations, happy and friendly...

Definitely, she is great addition in our breeding programm. ;)


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