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available this kitten looking for a new home.

option somebody is interested in kitten, but needs some time to think about. Its possible, that kitten will be available again. There is no guarantee, that kitten will be saved for someone, who interested in him, if kitten is already more than 2.5 months old !!!

reserved the deposit has been paid, but its possible, that kitten will be available again. The last payment must be send 3 weeks before kitten will move in new home!

sold after full payment and signed contract!!! Kitten move to his new home!

Our kittens leave our home:

  1. after 12 weeks old;
  2. vaccinated twice and dewormed;
  3. chipped;
  4. with health book and signed contract;
  5. with FIFe pedigree ((kittens "not for breeding" are issued pedigree immediately after castration and confirmation that this kitty is neuter. Document must be from the state veterinary clinics);
  6. with certificate from the state veterinary clinic that kitten is healthy (if necessary - certificate for travelling in another city, country);
  7. transfer (for show/breed kittens);
  8. copies of HCM and PKD tests of kittens parents (optional)

We sell kittens only like indoor cats!!!

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