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14.11.16   Finlandia Olimpian*RU visited WCF show in Spain, Madrid... She is Nom BIS, BOS, 9th in adult ring. Congratulations to Anna and Francisco :)

YES!!!! This was incredible weekend... Every cat breeder and every show-cat owner dream and dream about success on such show for many many years!!! World Winner FIFe Show... 2016... Austria... It was fantastic show and one of most happy days for us!!!

GIC Rapunzel Olimpian*RU became WORLD WINNER 2016!!!!

Many warmest congratulations for Kathrin and Pawel (cattery vom Reichenberg) for showing Rapunzel!!!! No words to describe big big happiness!!! Fantastic show result!!!

23.10.16   Zephyr Vanilla also visited traditional show in Germany Straubing: Ex1, Special Prize, Best in Show!!! Congratulations, Christine!

Yogurtini Olimpian*RU was on traditional show in Germany Straubing and again he had great results: 22.10.16 - Special Prize, NOM BIS, 2nd Place in European Ring & 23.10.16 - Special Prize, NOM BIS, Best in Show, BOB!!! Marion, so happy!!! Congratulations!


Finlandia Olimpian*RU on WCF show in France Issoire had really wonderful show results!!! 08.10.16 - CAGCE, BIV, NOM BIS, BOS, Best Maine Coon, 8th in Adult ring (more than 50 cats in competition) & 09.10.16 - CAGCE, Special Prize, Best in Show, BOB 2, 8th in Master Ring (17 cats). Congratulations, Francisco and Anna!!!


So YES! YES! YES! ... Yes Man Olimpian*RU visited FIFe show in France and had results about what we dreamed all this time :))) 24.09-25.09.16 - Ex1, BIV TOTAL, NOM BIS, Best in SHOW - BOTH DAYS!!! And now Yes Man Olimpian*RU is Junior Winner 2016!!! Congratulations, dear Sophie!!! Happy for You and Yes Man!


Xtremo Olimpian*RU became Grand Champion CFA!!! 2 shows Grand Champion!!! Congratulations to owner Sam and our beautiful offspring Xtremo!


Zephyr Vanilla Olimpian*RUwas on traditional show in Germany (Cat Club Germany) and had suuuper day: Special Prize, NOM BIS, Best in Show, BOB, 2nd Best cat of the day!!! Congratulations, Christine!


Zephyr Vanilla Olimpian*RU visited his first show in Munich, traditional show and had such results: Ex1, BIV

11.09.16   This WE Yes Man Olimpian visited one more show in France and had WOW-results. 10.09-11.09.16 Ex1 x 2, BIV TOTAL x 2, NOM BIS x 2, Best in Show x 2
28.08.16   Again Yogurtini Olimpian*RU :) Show results from traditional show in Germany Thale: 27.08.16 - Forest cat Ring 3rd Place, Special Prize, NOM BIS, Best in Show, BOB & 28.08.16 - Special Prize, NOM BIS, Best in Show, BOB

Qwest For Fire Olimpian*RU had wonderful show in Czech Republic, Ostrava: Ex1, CAC, BIV, NOM BIS

24.07.16   News from Yogurtini Olimpian*RU... Traditional Show in Germany Hameln: CACJ, NOM BIS, Best in Show

Ulla Smiley Olimpian*RU visited World Cat Show WCF in Ekaterinburg and was Nominated on Best in Show!


Yogurtini Olimpian*RU visited traditional show in Erfurt Germany. His results: 18.06.16 - CACJ, Special Prize, NOM BIS, Best in Show, BOB, special show "BIG FOOT" - 1st Place. 19.06.16 - CACJ, Special Prize, NOM BIS


Yes Man Olimpian*RU had nice results on FIFe show in France: 11.06.16 - Ex1, BIV TOTAL, NOM BIS & 12.06.16 - EX1, BIV TOTAL, NOM BIS, Best in Show!!!


Unforgettable Olimpian*RU had 5 finals (1 final - 1st Place) on CFA show in Foshan, China! Congratulations!!! Now Unforgettable Olimpian*RU is Grand Champion CFA!!!


Yougurtini Olimpian*RU visited Switzerland, Altstatten. His show results on FIFe show there: 21.05.16 - Ex1, BIV, NOM BIS, Best in Show & 22.05.16 - Ex1, BIV, NOM BIS


Yougurtini Olimpian*RU had wonderful show WE in Germany Zeulenroda: 30.04 - 01.05 Special Prize x 2, Nom BIS x 2, Best in Show x 2


28.02.2016 Unforgettable Olimpian*RU on CFA show (8rings) in China, Foshan had 8 finals!


Yes Man Olimpian*RU visited his first FIFe Show in France and had such results: 16.04 - Ex1, BIV TOT, 17.04 - Ex1, Nom BIS


Yogurtini Olimpian*RU on traditional show in Kulmbach, Germany had succesful show: Special Prize, BIS, BOB, 2nd Place European Ring Kittens


Ulla Smiley Olimpian*RU on WCF Show in Nabereznyi Chelny, Russia became Best Maine Coon Junior and was NOM BIS


Libellula Olimpian*RU on FIFe show in Switzerland, Nafels had great results: Ex1, Nom BIS and Best in SHOW!!! Congratulations!

13.08.15   GREAT SHOW NEWS !!! Our Little Dipper Olimpian*RU became JUNIOR WINNER 2015!!!!!
24.03.14   HURRA! Our offspring girl PineBerry Olimpian*RU became Young NATIONAL WINNER of Portugal!!! Congratulations for Berry and her wonderful owner Helena!
23.09.12   Don Martin, our polar bear, went in Austria, Vienna...
18.08.12 SUPER NEWS from DITA von TEESE, who lives in Czech Republic!!!!
30.05.12 Kiss NEW Show-results of our wonderful OFFSPRING Babies!!! Congratulations!!!
17.03.12 Kiss So...!!! We were in JAPAN!!! Fantastiс country! We wish to back there again ;) But! We arrived in Japan to take our NEW BOY! This is GREAT boy - Takeshi. He is from Williamina cattery, and he is TICKED TABBY! About his temper we can only write legends!!! Totally WOW Boy!!! And he is already on MALE-page!!!
14.12.11 Kiss HURRA! Our wonderful offspring -boy Harley-Davidson Olimpian*RU became SUPREME CHAMPION by FIFe! We congratulate our Harley and his owner Lilia with fantastic show result! We are PROUD about You!
14.12.11 Kiss Show-news from Switzerland!!! Tennessee show super results again!!! ;)
16.10.11 Kiss Show-news from Moscow! Fantastic result from our offspring - boy Parmigiano!!! Great!!!
16.10.11 Kiss Show-news from Switzerland!!! Tennessee had her first show and became a Winner!!!
21.09.11 Kiss Show-News from Rapunzel Olimpian*RU, from Germany!!!
21.09.11 Kiss Show-News from St-Petersburg CFA Cat Show!!! Our giant Big Moose became CHAMPION CFA!!!
21.09.11 Kiss ... And lovely Umeko moved in South Africa!!!
21.09.11 Kiss Our sweetest Tennessee moved in Switzerland!!!
21.09.11 Kiss Milan Juventus... Totally fantastic boy, who lives in Netherlands and soo happy! Thank You, dear Jolanda, for pics, news and big care and love to our big boy!
21.09.11 Kiss New pics with our wonderful red offspring-boy Flint Olimpian*RU! Thank You, dear Julia, for those nice autumn pics!!!
17.06.11 Kiss Our Offspring Show Results March-June 2011 !!!
19.04.11   In the past month we have been able to visit an incredibly interesting country - the USA, where we not only saw the wonderful metropolitan areas, and surprisingly enigmatic nature reserves, have visited several states within 10 days of our stay there, but also we brought two kittens with a unique pedigree from sunny Frorida! To see our newcomers You can on the pages "Males" and "Females":)))

Super result of our snow queen Isadora Duncan Olimpian*RU!!! Hurra!

She became Miss Austria 2010!!! Congratulations, Alena and Isa!!!

30.11.10 Kiss Wonderful news from our polar star Isadora Duncan Olimpian*RU!!! She is BOB 2 on show in Slovakia!!!
17.10.10 Kiss Our Harley-Davidson Olimpian*RU also visited show in Finland, together with us!!!
17.10.10 Kiss We visited International Cat Show FIFe in Finland, ERY-SYD!!! And again big competition (around 600 cats on show!), fantastic judges and a lot of successes!!! Hurra!!!
17.10.10 Kiss Show-news from our offspring boy Important Person Olimpian*RU from Krasnodar (Russia)!!!
28.08.10 Kiss

Last weekend we visited the largest FIFe show in Helsinki - Vantaa (Finland). The number of participants exceeded 800 cats! Big competition among semilong-haired cats! Wonderful Judges!!! It was very difficult - to get a good result in competition with fantastic cats of various breeds. And HURRA! Our junior Re Sole became Best Junior second day of show, both days was nominated, on the first day - the best in color among all represented maine coons in this colour of the show, on the second day - best in color among kittens and juniors, Josephina was nominated, Gina was Ex1 and CAC, Chaos - Ex1. Almost all of our participants had their first show! We congratulate all our kittens with excellent result! And also we thank our breeders Grazia, Youssef, Lonnie & Bjarne and Marie-Louise for our wonderful cats!!!

23.05.10 Kiss Show-news from Dita von Teese Olimpian*RU!!!
23.05.10 Kiss Show-news from Harley-Davidson Olimpian*RU!!!
10.05.10 Kiss Show-news from Barnaul from Flint Olimpian*RU!!!
15.03.10 Kiss Show-news from Slovakia!!!
15.03.10 Kiss Last weekend we, Martirio and Opium visited Cat Show in Denmark (Herlev)!!!
02.03.10 Kiss Show - news from Barnaul!!!
08.01.10 Fantastic show-news from Austria!!! Our wonderful Dita von Teese now is Junior Winner!!!
14.01.10 Show-News from Murmansk!!!
14.01.10 Kiss Show-News from Novosibirsk!!!
14.01.10 Kiss Our boy Maximus moved in his new home!!!
30.11.09 Kiss Show-News from St-Petersburg!!!
01.11.09 Kiss Our Offspring gallery updated!!!!
01.11.09 Kiss News from our wonderful kitty Dita von Teese, from Czech Republic!!!
30.10.09 Kiss New photos of our fantastic big boy Eminem!!!
03.09.09   Fresh news from Animals DNA Laboratory in Melbourne (Australia)!!! We have results of HCM DNA test!!! I*Supernova Maximus X Meridius - HCM N/N, DE*Pillowtalk's French Kiss - HCM N/N, our new youngsters Crystal Symphony Olimpian*RU and Carnival Fantasy Olimpian*RU - HCM N/N!!!
29.04.09 Kiss Our polar bear Marti was on International Cat Show FIFe in St-Petersburg. And he is again Winner ;o) Also our Marti now is Champion FIFe! We congratulate our cute white Baby with such wonderful results. Nice photos from Show You can see here!!!
14.02.09 Kiss Last weekend we were on International Cat Show in capital of Slovenia - Ljubljana!!! And in serious competition in SLH group our polar bear Martirio got nomination and two CAC!!! Photos from show days You can see here :o)
09.12.08 Kiss Our page from our last show in Riga (Latvia) is ready! You can see a lot of photos with our Marti!

This weekend (29 - 30.11) we visited big International Cat Show in Riga, Latvia. And in competition with 300 beautiful cats our polar bear Marti became Best Cat of Show both days!!!

Now our Marti is Junior Winner!!! Congratulations, our sweetest boy!!!

21.09.08 Show in Riga Today we were on International FIFe Show (St-Petersburg)! And our Marti has very nice results: Ex1, Nomination BIS and Best in Show Kitten!!!
17.09.08 Show in Riga

This weekend our polar bear Marti had his first show!!! And Marti became Best Cat of the Show in Riga, Latvia both days!!!
His sister Maddy was Nom BIS.


Maine Coon Special Show in Aalsmeer

Maine Coon Special Show in AalsmeerWe were on a Maine Coon Special Show in Aalsmeer (Netherlands). And our boy has very nice results!!! Maxi got BIV Young!





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