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Our Olimpian babies live as Show/Breed and as Pet cats in Russia, Kazahstan, Canada, Moldova, Ukraine, Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Croatia, Slovakia, Belarus, Italy, USA and South Africa (RSA), Israel, Spain, Romania, Belgium, Brazil, Sweden, Norway!


OUR PLANS for spring-summer 2018!!!

We have ONLY HCM N/N cats!!!

TGC JP*Williamina Takeshi   Donna Summer Olimpian*RU
Lynxshadow Kottbusser   Juniper Berry Olimpian*RU
US*Kelimcoons Mars of Olimpian   Etna Parade Olimpian*RU
not for breeding!
TGC JP*Williamina Takeshi   Marshmallow Olimpian*RU
Lynxshadow Kottbusser   Yanka Olimpian*RU
Lynxshadow Kottbusser   Hope vom Reichenberg


Lynxshadow Kottbusser   Alaska Olimpian*RU
TGC JP*Williamina Takeshi   Orchid Romance Olimpian*RU
IT*Wistariantale Bellini of Olimpian   Quba Libre Olimpian*RU
Diplomat Olimpian*RU   Que Calor Olimpian*RU
IT*Wistariantale Bellini of Olimpian   Ylinka Olimpian*RU


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