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On Suprelorin from May 2015...

Born: 21.09.2011

Color: ns 25,
black silver ticked tabby

Sir: IW SGC Williamina Cougar
Dame: TGC Williamina Miss Chivas



HCM 1 DNA test: N/N

Both parents: HCM/PKD screening normal!

HCM echo: normal

PKD echo: normal

PKDef: N/N

SMA test: N/N

FIV, FeLV negative


Inbreeding - 0 %

Complete inbreeding - 14,8 %


Our new boy came to us from far and dreamy Japan!!!

The son of the famous ticked tabby Maine Coon Williamina Cougar, which became not only the Best Maine Coon, but also the Best Longhaired Cat, as well as the totally Best Cat on the TICA in the Asian region, season 2010-2011!

Takeshi is unreal kitten, and this fabulous color ... This is the first ticked tabby Maine Coon male, who was imported in Russia. He has unreal beautiful coat! Takeshi has simply fantastic ticking, very bright, shining, rich, almost no stripes - just paws and head give belonging to a tabby coat color. His back and sides - full color with no stripes and patterns ... He is like a silver cougar ...To work with such a rare color is difficult enough, but I wondered to have it in my cattery and have big interest to work with it ;)

In addition to unbelievable color Takeshi can boast of lines. From the world famous cattery in Japan Williamina our cat brought with him to us lines of Broadsway and Coonyham. Takeshi has unique pedigree, which, of course, not only pleases us with new opportunities in breeding, but also help to develop our cattery in new ways ...

It is worth noting that in addition to rare color and unreal lines, Takeshi has a delicious American type! Unrealistically huge ears, beautiful head, long body, high legs, long tail and a memorable wild look - this is our Takeshi! And this temperament - that is another unique feature of our boy - sociable, cheerful, friendly, playful, affectionate ... Takeshi!

At the TICA show in Japan, in Tokyo, 05.02.2012, at the age of 4 months, at his first cat show in his life, Takeshi did really GREAT:

- Albreed Best Kitten

- Albreed Best Kitten

- Albreed 2nd Best Kitten and 2nd Best LH Kitten

- Albreed 3rd Best Kitten

- Albreed 5th Best Kitten

And finally the Best Second Kitten of the show! :)

We are very happy that we have our GREAT Takeshi! 

We would like to say 'THANK YOU' for dear Michi and Russel!!! for their hospitality, their trust in us and our friendship!!! Thank You so much for our WOW-FACTOR BOY!!!


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